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Title: Sandy-the regular9/8/2010 7:29:18 PM
I ADORE yu's they have the best sushi around, and ive been to sushi boat and oshii bento in oakland, sushi and tolls inc in the oxford building downtown and to yosoba. the Itame at Yu's are just as IF NOT MORE talented as the others. its reasonably priced and fresh! and the food is great as well, but for me the main star is the sushi!! <333~Sandy
Title: Keep coming back.9/3/2010 1:54:08 PM
This is definitely the best Chinese restaurant in the Pittsburgh area. We have treid every Chinese restaurant and buffet in Pittsburgh and Yus is the best in the `Burgh by a long shot. You can never go wrong by choosing this restaurant. I'm on my way there now.
Title: Igor9/26/2011 4:09:24 PM
Great food, great service!
Title: 9/13/2012 7:09:03 PM
Title: Free Dinner8/6/2014 8:17:46 AM
My name is Martha Maksymowych and I got a phone call that I won a free dinner. Could I exchange it for a free lunch instead? Also, your restaurant is the best. The food is excellent and so are your workers. My mom and I visit is often.
Title: good buffet8/29/2012 6:25:02 PM
yum yum. fod waz awsom. wud SO lik 2 com her agin.
Title: We love the Old Town Buffet8/27/2010 7:11:55 AM
We love going to the Old Town Buffet. My children have so much fun and try so many different things here. We have been going here since you opened and will continue to go for many years to come.BEST IN TOWN
Title: Mrs Tony8/24/2014 4:36:52 PM
i would like to know how much for each person during the weekend for dinner and how about the kids how much is the kids thank you.
Title: 8/16/2011 7:25:49 PM
Bring back Andy the Sushi Guy.He was the best.I came in
Title: Keep coming back7/28/2012 4:22:02 PM
The food is very good and good service too. we will be back !
Title: Crab legs6/7/2012 2:33:13 PM
My husband and I are devoted customers to Yu's since opening. The food is good, fresh and appealing in all varieties, you always see an employee cleaning something or dusting something and the server that replenishes the buffet is always stirring the food or wiping the counter off, I will say it is clean, however, the servers do not speak good english at all and do not come back to you to ask if you need napkins, re-fills, etc. There is never a wait for a table. They do not replenish the crab leg bin nearly enough..they put a certain amount out at a time and everyone scoops them up (there isn't alot put out in the first place) and then you wait for the next round to come out. All in all I would recommend this restaurant as what I mentioned doesn't really have a whole lot of bearing to keep us from going back again and again as the food is really good especially for a buffet and the cost is so reasonable.
Title: this palace6/24/2010 2:04:05 PM
This palace is great!
Title: Great Food6/18/2011 10:36:36 AM
Great food, great service. I love this place so much I'm going to help promote it on my website at: Thanks.
Title: Our #1 restaurant choice6/16/2010 1:57:32 PM
We love Yu's. Never a wait to be seated and everything is always clean at the tables and fresh on the buffet. Even our 3 year old picks this as her favorite restaurant choice. Wait staff is attentive. Tons of food choices, many of which are kid-friendly and traditional, non-Chinese fare. Absolutely worth trying if you've never been there---you'll be back!
Title: jj5/28/2010 8:56:15 PM
Great Food Great Value Great Price
Title: asdfa5/24/2010 7:36:13 PM
Title: garlic sauce4/15/2013 1:34:52 PM
Great place and great food! I'd love to know how to make the garlic sauce that can be chosen as an option up where the food it grilled!?!?
Title: Love it and crave it!3/30/2011 2:45:07 PM
Yu's has wonderful food and a large selection. I live out of state, and when I come to visit I always make it a point to eat here. The price is great, the service is friendly, and the food can't be beat! Thanks Yu's!
Title: DIRTY RUDE PEOPLE3/2/2014 4:58:31 PM
Title: Absolutely Excellent3/11/2014 3:42:15 PM
My husband and I have been coming here since 2007,we love the food,for it is always fresh,hot and delicious. The employee's are very friendly and helpful asking if we need anything very often. The prices are very reasonable! We will continue to go to this location at 591 Clairton Blvd! We also have went to the new location on route 51, next to The Red White And Blue store on the bottom of Bausman street and it was Horrible!!!! None of the food tastes or looks like Old Town Buffet's, They really need a different name because it was nothing like the original place. We will never go back there again! The staff,food and service was terrible!!!!! I will not be surprised when they close down!
Title: The MOST buffet for the BEST price!...2009-07-12T00:00:00
Like Sushi? They have it, and will make what ever you want. Like Steak? They have it and will cook it just how you like. Like Crab Legs? They have those too (only with dinner though). They have 4 huge buffet tables with a ton of other ...?
Title: Best Buffet2009-06-16T00:00:00
This is the best buffet I've ever been to. Best selection, chinese, japanese and american. The food IS FRESH (the sushi chef will make sushi to order and there's a mongolian grill made to order too). Contrary to other experiences, I've seen them replace older food, and even stop me from taking older food to replace it and give me fresh food. That being said it IS buffet, and if you're looking for the greatest food you ever ate at a buffet, you're crazy. If you're looking for buffet food, however, don't pass up Yu's! We come back all the time.?
Title: Our fave restaurant--and a hit...2008-11-04T00:00:00
This is absolutely our favorite place to eat. The service is always wonderful, and the selection suits anyone in our party. For those who love Chinese food, there's always a selection of entrees, rice, lo mein and standard staples. ...?
Title: Best family buffet2008-10-14T00:00:00
It's not just Chinese. Yu's is family friendly with a relaxed atmosphere, Yu's will make a steak fresh on the grill, and they feature salmon, shrimp, ham, turkey,and the worlds best crab salad, and all yu can eat crab legs. etc, etc. ...?
Title: 2007-10-01T00:15:00
We love the food. The service is very good. They do not get enough publicity.
Title: 2007-09-11T02:19:00
Best food and Awesome Service. Very friendly people. 10 all the way!
Title: 2007-08-27T08:12:00
love the variety. always tastes great, only rest. i know has cotton candy ice cream which is yummy..s'thing for everyone...
Title: 2007-08-04T09:30:00
Best waitresses ever!!
Title: 2007-08-04T09:26:00
Best sushi in Pittsburgh
Title: 2007-08-02T19:11:00
yummmmmmmmmm I enjoy eating here
Title: 2007-07-31T00:41:00
Love to visit here, always great food and great service!
Title: 2007-07-31T00:41:00
Love to visit here, always great food and great service!
Title: 2007-07-24T14:41:00
excellent,excellent excellent
Title: 2007-07-24T14:41:00
excellent,excellent excellent
Title: 2007-07-24T13:03:00
This is our favorite restaurant.
Title: 2007-07-16T02:05:00
We love the food, choices, services, and atmosphere. The food is delious and set up is clean and easy to acess. The staff and service are top notch. We had good time and good food then leaving there with complete satisfaction. This is the best Chinese Buffet Restaurant we have ever been into.
Title: 2007-07-13T02:50:00
The best china food we have eaten. A very large selection to choose from. Very nice staff and friendly waitress. Very clean which is so inportant.Always leave with full satifaction.
Title: 2007-07-13T02:47:00
Title: 2007-07-12T13:26:00
This restuarant is unique in the way of its food and services. The varieties of different flavor and kinds of food allow customs to enjoy private dining or party gethering. The experience I had there is wonderful because of the friendly services, variety of choices and delicous food. I would recommend anyone to try and enjoy this restaurant.
Title: 2007-07-12T12:13:00
Title: 2007-07-12T12:13:00
Title: 2007-07-11T12:15:00
Food is very good and the sernice is very nice. the place is very clean. I like this place.
Title: 2007-07-11T12:15:00
Food is very good and the sernice is very nice. the place is very clean. I like this place.
Title: 2007-07-09T13:56:00
Title: 2007-07-09T11:32:00
Title: 2007-07-08T13:46:00
food is great. place is very clean and service is outstanding.
Title: Old Town Buffet Fantastic...2007-06-27T00:00:00
This is the best Buffet there is . All variety of foods including cakes and sweets. We've been there in the past 2 years about 10 times and never once regretted it . The service is the Best. If your hungry, Yipee ! You don't even get to ...?
Title: Love this place2006-04-12T00:00:00
This a great buffet restaurant that is located where the Old country Buffet used to be. It is a Chinese restaurant but they have a lot of American selection too. There is plenty of seating. The prices aren't bad. The food is always hot and ...?
Title: Ok food, Ok service, Ok price, but...2/11/2012 2:48:23 PM
We found you on the internet and decided to give you a try. Yes, the food was ok, the service was ok, and the price was ok...but that's all it was. With that much hype from the other folks, it seemed to raise the specter of a higher degree of expectation. I'm sorry to say that we were slightly disappointed as a whole. The diversity is tremendous, but we found the food rather bland - not seasoned enough. We understand using wait staff that may not know much of the English language, but should be instructed on some basic courtesy phrases: "could I get you some more of this-that, are you finished with your dinners?, how is your meal so far?" type of stuff. The coupons were appreciated but confusing and we were embarrassed when the waitress came back to announce we gave her the wrong one - 6 people usually means 'up to six people' and we didn't understand you HAD to have 6 people to use a certain coupon. The place was well lit and clean and, in all fairness, we didn't try the sushi bar being full from trying to sample as much as we could from your other bars. In all, we would rate you C /B-.
Title: 2/11/2012 12:31:30 AM
My fiance, my two sons,
Title: Crab legs12/6/2011 5:27:57 PM
I love Yu's but when you advertise crab legs you need to fill the pan more than every half hour. I eat more than just crab legs (when I can get them) and pay the same as those that fill up on carb legs. That said, I will not stop coming back, the food and the entire staff are the greatest.
Title: Fake Mustaches12/22/2011 1:59:05 PM
I have spent over $500 on fake mustaches that you have available for 50 cents.
Title: Great12/2/2010 2:12:07 PM
This place is great~
Title: very good11/5/2014 3:06:28 PM
This restaurant is very goodbut the prices is too high
Title: Restroom is filthy11/3/2013 10:43:01 AM
I was looking forward to this becoming my new favorite place until I just went into the restroom. The chart on the door indicates that it hasn't been cleaned for 48 hours. The handicap stall is so filthy that I would not use any of the stalls. I did not finish my meal. I can only imagine that the kitchen is just as dirty.
Title: Great Food - Great Service!11/25/2011 8:22:54 PM
We stopped in for Thanksgiving dinner because we didn't want all the hassle of cleaning up a lot of excess food and left overs. This place was worth it just for that. But the quality of the food it's self was wonderful and well worth the trip. If you have a chance, please stop in for a great dinner at a great price. You'll be glad you did. Trust me.
Title: YUck1/7/2013 6:39:56 PM
Horrible people.horrible food. Horrible service. Horrible everything
Title: unsatisfied customer pleasant hills1/7/2013 6:32:03 PM
Worst buffet I've ever been to. The manager was dumber than wood. The employees were eating while waiting on people. Sushi was brown. Nothing was fresh. After complaining they didn't offer to comp our meal. Grossest place in Pittsburgh.worstmeal.
Title: i luv yu1/3/2013 12:35:26 PM
Yu is best of all restaurant. The decor feel like your own home. Food is best and strong recommend. Sushi is made fast and danger. Go now here.